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Mexican Bar Company

Opening its doors on Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 2018, Texas-born Mexican Bar Company (MBC) offers the full scope of Mexican cuisine; handmade corn tortilla tacos, freshly prepared ceviches, guacamoles, salsas, and an exceptional selection of regional dishes. Mexican Bar Company stays true to the classic delicacies of Mexico and its legendary food markets while adding his renowned layers of flavors.

To fully complement and reflect the Mexican menu, the cocktails incorporate a comprehensive beverage selection from all regions of Mexico, Texas, and beyond. The beverages will be casual, approachable, fun, and we offer something for everyone.

The open space mix of dining, lounge, bar, and a large patio has a casual contemporary meets urban look featuring vibrant original murals amplifying the festive atmosphere.

Owner-operator Brian Dunne brings a new experience "BORN IN TEXAS" with a deep appreciation for enjoying life, celebrating with friends and to embrace the art of SHARING!