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Family Feasts - Family Feasts (Takeout Only)

Family Feast


Feeds 5-7 (savings of $30.00). Choice of 2 gaucs or queso, Choice of 1/2 LB Taco Protein with 8 corn tortillas, Choice of 2 Especialidades, add $15 per rib eye and Choice of 2 sides. Will come with 2 rice, 2 beans, chips and salsa.

Family Feast Options (Select 2):Tradicional Guacamole Seasonal Guacamole Queso
Family Feasts Taco Protein Options (Select 1):Al Pastor Barbacoa Camaron Carne Carnitas Hongos Pollo
Family Feast Especialidades (Select 2):Tampiquena Ribeye +$15Enchiladas Pork Chip Pollo a las Brasas
Ribeye Temperature:Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Family Feasts Sides (Select 2):Coles de Bruselas Platanos Macho Creamy Potatoes Queso Mac & Cheese
Beans Style (Select 2):Refried Beans Black Beans
Salsa Style (Select 2):Rojo Tomatillo Habanero

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