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Pollo Street Tacos


Herb Marinated Chicken, Cured Onions & Cilantro, Garlic Mojo, Toasted Corn Chips

Lettuce Cups Substitute (Optional):Sub Lettuce Cups
On the Side (Optional):Slaw OTS Mojo OTS Aoli OTS Sauce OTS Onions/Cilantro OTS
Tacos Extras (Optional):Extra Cheese +$0.25Extra Sauce Extra Mojo Extra Cilantro Extra Onions Extra Slaw Extra Taco +$4.50
Same Plate (Optional):Same Plate
Pollo Tacos Mods (Optional):No Mojo OTS Mojo No Onions & Cilantro OTS Onions & Cilantro No Concha OTS Concha

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