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Brian Anthony Dunne


Brian A. Dunne was made for hospitality. He began his career in the business as a dishwasher at 14 years old and worked his way up through the kitchen every summer until he eventually got behind the bar. A foundation in strong service down to the minor details was the stepping stone to his future in hospitality. While attending University of Maryland, where he eventually received a bachelor’s in business and Management – Accounting, he got his first big break when he landed a high volume gig in Georgetown, D.C. at Champions Sports Bar on Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. Champions was called the Original Sports bar in the 1970’s and was voted top singles bar in America for years in the late 80’s.

After graduation, Brian headed to NYC. James F. Dunne, Brian’s father, was born and raised in an all Irish neighborhood in Inwood, Manhattan. Brian remembers driving across the GW Bridge as a child from DC going to visit his Grandparents. His dad would tell him stories of how his Grandfather, after first arriving from Ireland, worked stocking kegs at a small, neighborhood pub in barter for pints of beer. Maybe that is the reason Brian was so comfortable in this business. After 5 years of bartending at some of the busiest bars in NYC, Brian eventually became the bar manager for Richard Sandoval’s first Mexican restaurant, Maya on the Upper East Side. From there Brian ventured out with Richard’s brothers to open Mercadito in 2004. Within a few years he opened 3 Mercadito’s in NYC and another in Chicago.

Always looking to evolve, Brian’s reputation in the hospitality business led him to meet Eddie Dean, the owner of Pacha NYC. What started as consultant work become a partnership and a 10 year run at the hottest club in NYC. With his family growing, he picked up and moved to Allen, Texas. Eventually, Brian came across the 7,000 square foot location that would become Mexican Bar Company. The name reflects the energy and social make up of Brian and happens to also contain the largest bar in Plano, Texas. Not far from his roots, Mexican Bar Company, where the walls have a pulse, is a welcoming place for those who love having fun along with incredible cuisine and crafted cocktails.

Brian Dunne
Ivan Sanchez

Ivan Sanchez

General Manager

What started as a job in the hospitality industry quickly turned into a passion for Ivan, the current general manager at Mexican Bar Company.

With over two decades of experience in the restaurant industry, Ivan has extensive experience working in both the front and back of the house as well as opening and operating restaurant concepts that continue to thrive to this day. For those interested in pursuing a career in this industry, Ivan shares, “This industry is a lifestyle. It takes a special breed to thrive in this fast-paced environment.”

Beyond day-to-day restaurant operations, Ivan shares his talent for creating distinguishable cocktails and sharing his vast knowledge of Tequilas and Mezcals with others. Ivan holds Tequila certificates from the Consulado Regulatorio de Tequila (CRT) and has in depth knowledge of other Mexican Spirits.