Dinner Enchiladas


3 Corn Tortillas Filled with Pulled Chicken topped with Creamy Tomatillo Salsa, Mexican Cheese Blend, Crema. Served with Rice & Beans

Sides (Select 1): Rice & Refried Beans, Rice & Black Beans, Double Rice Double Refried Beans, Double Black Beans, No Rice, No Beans, Sub Side Salad

Lettuce Cups Substitute (Optional): Sub Lettuce Cups

Especialidades Mods (Optional): Slaw OTS, Mojo OTS, Aoli OTS, Sauce OTS, Onion/Cilantro OTS

Same Plate (Optional): Same Plate

Enchiladas Mods (Optionals): No Chicken, Sub Cheese, No Cheese, No Onion, No Crema, OTS Cheese OTS Onion, OTS Crema, No Tortilla, No Tomatillo Salsa, Sub Mole Sauce, Sub Queso Sauce, OTS Tomatillo Salsa

Enchiladas On The Side (Optional): Slaw OTS, Mojo OTS, Aoli OTS, Sauce OTS, Dressing OTS, Avocado OTS, Cheese OTS, Onion/Cilantro OTS, Onions OTS, Side Tortillas (4) +$1, Powder Sugar OTS, Syrup OTS


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