Milpa Salad


Mixed Greens, Strawberries, Cucumber, Jicama, Red Onions, Chia Vinaigrette

Add Protein: Grilled Chicken +$5.50, Steak +$6.50, Shrimp +$7.50, Combo Steak/Chicken +$6.50, Ahi-Tuna +$12

Steak Temperature (If Steak is chosen): Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done

Salad Protein (Optional): Add Chicken +$5, Add Steak +$6, Add Shrimp +$7, Add Combo Steak/Chicken +$6

Salad Mods (Optional): No Dressing, No Cheese, No Cucumber, No Croutons, OTS Dressing, OTS Cheese, OTS Cucumber, OTS Croutons, Extra Cheese, Extra Cucumber, Extra Dressing, Extra Croutons +$1, Add Avocado +$1.50


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