18 Oz Ribeye Herb Marinated, Lobster Mashed Potatoes, Apple-Chile Glaze, Mezcal-Mushroom

Meat Temperature (Select 1): Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done

Lettuce Cups Substitute (Optional): Sub Lettuce Cups

On the Side (Optional): Slaw OTS, Mojo OTS, Aoli OTS, Sauce OTS, Onions/Cilantro OTS

Especialidades Extras (Optional): Extra Cheese +$0.25, Extra Sauce, Extra Mojo, Extra Cilantro, Extra Onions, Extra Slaw, Extra Taco +$4.50

Same Plate (Optional): Same Plate

Ribeye Mods (Optional): No Spring Onion, OTS Spring Onion, No Brussels, OTS Brussels, No Lobster Mashed Potato, OTS Lobster Mashed Potato, No Apple-Morita, OTS Apple-Morita


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